Corporate events

Isla Seca Hotel is considered not only as a great Boutique Hotel, but also as an excellent place for the development of corporate activities.

Thanks to our first level facilities, personalized service, and our constant search to deliver quality in every detail, added to the tranquility and beauty of the environment, Hotel Isla Seca, Zapallar is an unbeatable option for business meetings.

In Isla Seca Hotel you can develop different types of corporate activities, among which we highlight:

Strategic Planning
Business Directories
Open Congresses

Dry Island Room

Measures Salon Island SEca
High 2.90 meters
Width 7.77 meters

Curtain Measures
High 1,55 meters
Width 1.77 meters

Mar Bravo Room

Measures Salon Mar Bravo
High 3.30 meters
Width 7.30 meters
Length 18.3 meters

Curtain Measures
High 2,45 meters
Width 2.44 meters

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