Bikes – free of charge – are available at the Isla Seca Hotel, giving our guests the opportunity to forgo their cars in Zapallar and thus discover all of the picturesque parts of this attractive resort.

The beaches

Traveling along the Seaside Road and only a few kilometers from Zapallar are such attractive resorts as Cachagua, Maitencillo and Papudo; each one with its own beach, promenade and a variety of eateries, each offering different enticing fare.

Natural heritage

Among the attractions in this area is the El Boldo Park located just behind the Isla Seca Hotel and home to a very valuable coastal and Mediterranean habitat covering a surface area of approximately 65 hectares and part of the so-called “Zapallar Forests” - a UNESCO protected project.

Isla Cachagua Natural Monument

Declared a Nature Sanctuary, it is also known as Penguin Island as it is home to both Humboldt and Magellan penguins, large pelicans, ducks, seagulls and sea otters. As this is a protected reserve, nobody is allowed to set foot on the island, although the birds can be observed fairly close up whilst sailing around the island in a local fishing boat.